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Specialized Financial Care

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Family-Centered Financial Planning

Prioritizing the financial security of the whole family unit.

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Education and Awareness

Offering resources to help families make informed financial decisions.

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Review and Adjustment

Reviewing current financial plans to stay aligned with changing needs and goals.

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Two-Generation Approach

Ensuring Long-term security for both Parents and Special Needs loved one.

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About The Autism Voyage

Welcome to Autism Voyage, the essential guide for families on their special needs journey. Our blog serves as a comprehensive hub, offering insights and resources across three key areas: “Daily Living” provides practical advice for everyday challenges, “Life Planning” delves into special needs planning with topics like trusts and guardianship, and “Autrepreneur” inspires families to embrace entrepreneurship for greater independence. Expert-reviewed content ensures you receive trustworthy and actionable information.

As a centralized resource, we’re committed to more than just sharing knowledge; we connect families with a network of vetted trusted experts who understand the intricacies of special needs planning. Our goal is to facilitate informed decisions, offering support and expert connections tailored to your family’s unique needs, ensuring guidance and peace of mind as you navigate this journey.

Helpful Education Resources

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Master the Art of Budgeting for Families with Special Needs

Discover the path to gaining Financial clarity


Michael Pereira 

Founder, The Autism Voyage

Man Behind The Autism Voyage

After a career in Corporate America and a personal encounter with COVID-19, faced a life-altering moment when his son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in 2022.

This pivotal experience shifted his priorities from corporate achievements to creating a secure future for his family, sparking the inception of The Autism Voyage. Leaving his corporate life, Michael embarked on a mission to share specialized knowledge in financial planning and support for special needs families, driven by his firsthand understanding and commitment to aiding similar families navigate their unique challenges.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When hiring a financial planner, do you know what to look for to ensure they take a holistic approach to care for families with special needs?

Prioritize those who understand the holistic needs of families with special needs. Look for professionals who address emotional, legal, and financial aspects of planning, ensuring comprehensive support for your family’s unique situation.

How soon should I start planning for my child with special needs to ensure their future security?

Start planning as soon as possible to make sure your child’s future is secure. The earlier you begin, the better prepared you’ll be for whatever comes your way.

What funding sources are best for a Special Needs Trust?

It depends on your specific circumstances. There are various mechanisms to consider, such as life insurance, real estate, investments, personal savings, ect. Each has its advantages and considerations.

What are the potential consequences of delaying financial planning for my child with special needs, and how can I mitigate these risks?

Don’t wait to start planning for your child’s future. Delaying could mean missing out on important benefits or facing financial challenges down the road.

How can I ensure my child’s financial security if I were to become incapacitated or unable to provide care?

It’s important to focus on the well-being of your family as a whole, not just your loved one with special needs. This is part of a Holistic Approach to care.

What steps can I take now to alleviate financial stress and uncertainty for my family in the long term?

Take proactive steps to ease financial stress and uncertainty for your family. Get in contact with a Financial Planner for guidance. Remember, every little bit helps.

Get connected with The Autism Voyage for support and assistance.

Get connected with The Autism Voyage for support and assistance.
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